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Volcanic Repeating Pistol

The Volcanic was not the first repeating pistol, but it was an early one of the first in a line of firearms that would develop into the iconic lever action rifles of the American West. Patented in 1854, the Volcanic used a toggle-action lock operated by a finger lever – simply a smaller version of […]

LeMat Grapeshot Revolvers: Design Evolution

The LeMat grapeshot revolver is one of the most distinctive and powerful sidearms of the US Civil War, sporting both a 9-round .42 caliber cylinder of pistol bullets and a shotgun barrel as cylinder axis. Alexander LeMat received a contract for 15,000 of these guns for the Confederate military, but only managed to deliver about […]

Revolvers in the US Civil War vs European & Colonial warfare

Cool video from scholagladiatoria, Videos by Matt Easton of Schola Gladiatoria, covering Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)/Historical fencing, military history, antique arms and armour and general combat-related things.

Denix Factory Video

Denix SA is a firm dedicated to making exact replicas of high quality and historical weapons. From medieval to contemporary weapons, through the era of the privateers, the First and Second World War and beyond. Watch how your replica is developed – from conception to wood & metal working and all the way up to […]

Mare’s Leg Rifle History

Replica Mare’s Leg Rifle by Denix, USA 1892 The Mare’s Leg Rifle features a shortened barrel and stock – also known originally as the Winchester Model 1892. This recognizable rifle, built in the USA, could be holstered like a pistol at the hip but also fired with the speed of lever-action rifle. Featured in the […]

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