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Volcanic Repeating Pistol

The Volcanic was not the first repeating pistol, but it was an early one of the first in a line of firearms that would develop into the iconic lever action rifles of the American West. Patented in 1854, the Volcanic used a toggle-action lock operated by a finger lever – simply a smaller version of […]

LeMat Grapeshot Revolvers: Design Evolution

The LeMat grapeshot revolver is one of the most distinctive and powerful sidearms of the US Civil War, sporting both a 9-round .42 caliber cylinder of pistol bullets and a shotgun barrel as cylinder axis. Alexander LeMat received a contract for 15,000 of these guns for the Confederate military, but only managed to deliver about […]

Revolvers in the US Civil War vs European & Colonial warfare

Cool video from scholagladiatoria, Videos by Matt Easton of Schola Gladiatoria, covering Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)/Historical fencing, military history, antique arms and armour and general combat-related things.

Mare’s Leg Rifle History

Replica Mare’s Leg Rifle by Denix, USA 1892 The Mare’s Leg Rifle features a shortened barrel and stock – also known originally as the Winchester Model 1892. This recognizable rifle, built in the USA, could be holstered like a pistol at the hip but also fired with the speed of lever-action rifle. Featured in the […]

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