Gun Metal Grey Black Grip Replica Revolver
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Gun Metal Grey Black Grip Replica Revolver

USD $78.00

.45 Caliber Revolver made by S. Colt USA, 1873 5 1/2″ barrel

Weight: 0.91 kg (2 lbs)


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45 Caliber Revolver made by S. Colt USA, 1873 5 1/2″ barrel.
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The Single Action Army revolver (also known as the Peacemaker,”The Frontier”, Single Action Army, SAA, ’45 and The Equalizer) is a single action revolver with a revolving cylinder holding six rounds. It was designed for the US government service revolver trials of 1873 by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, today Colt’s Manufacturing Company and adopted as the standard military service revolver until 1892.

The Single Action Army revolver has been offered in over 30 different calibers and various barrel lengths. Its overall appearance has remained consistent since 1873. Colt has discontinued its production twice, but brought it back due to popular demand. The pistol was popular with ranchers, lawmen, and outlaws alike, but current models are mostly bought by collectors and screen actors. Its design has influenced the production of numerous other models from companies such as the Great Western Arms Companies.

3 reviews for Gun Metal Grey Black Grip Replica Revolver

  1. Liam Bronson

    Incredible quality. I recommend purchasing this item alongside a set of .45 calibre replica bullets. This product is a great gift for anyone into the old American west, or old guns in general. One of the cheaper revolvers I’ve found on the site, but by no means worse quality. I think. I haven’t purchased anything else other than this.

    • Jess Willard

      Thanks Liam! Glad you’re liking your revolver!! ~ Jess

  2. ledarkwizard (verified owner)

    Nice replica. Perfect for why I both it, Halloween costume. The handle is a bit cheap but still as a great overall look.

  3. Jordan G (verified owner)

    I purchased this particular model partly for the price and partly for the barrel length.

    The weight is very accurate, and the balance is very centered, with or without a “cowboy load” (5 shots) loaded.

    Very beautiful piece, I prefer it to the black or nickel plated variants myself, and if you’re like me and can’t help but spin a revolver around, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how solid and well balanced this piece is.

    Feels sturdy, functions are mostly accurate, and with the optional dummy cartridges, it’s extremely fun to mess around with.

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